Woodbridge Housing Authority
Congregate Housing Services Program
The Congregate Housing Services Program (CHSP) is a partially State funded program which allow the elderly to age in place, without having to be prematurely put into assited living or a nursing home. Three services are offered to the residents of our three Woodbridge Senior/Disabled buildings:
The Meal Program, Houskeeping Services and Personal Care.
The Meal Program
With the meal program, residents are given a monthly menu and can choose their meals for the month. They are strongly encouraged to have their meals in the community room with the other meal participants as opposed to eating alone in their apartments. The meal is delivered hot daily from a caterer, Nu-Way Concessionaires, served at noon and consists of everything from soup and salad to coffee and dessert. All condiments are also included with the service.
Housekeeping Services
The Housekeeping Services Program is a general cleaning service that residents can sign up for to have their apartments cleaned. Residents can schedule as many hours a month or visits per month that they would like to have housekeeping. Platinum Care, Inc., the current housekeeping contractor, then bills the Housing Authority for the amount of hours used.
Personal Care
The Personal Care Program, administered by Interim Healthcare enables residents to hire a licensed nurse or Home Health Aide to provide professional care as needed. Residents may request an aide for as many times a week and/or as many hours as the resident schedules. The resident pays a co-pay according to their income for these services and the balance is paid by the CHSP grant.