Woodbridge Housing Authority
Low-Income Family and Senior Housing

Eligibility for participation in the Low-Income (Public) Housing program is restricted to U.S. citizens or persons possessing eligible immigration status, with income that does not exceed 80% of the area median income for their size family. (Income limits for the various family sizes are set and revised annually by HUD. The income limits can be found below and at www.huduser.org). A satisfactory criminal background report for each adult household member must also be received prior to determining final eligibility for participation.

Assuming that citizen or eligible immigration status has been established for each member of the household, a valid social security card and birth certificate presented for each member and the combined family income does not exceed 80% of the median, the applicant family will be added to the Woodbridge Housing Authority (WHA) waiting list.

Applications to be added to the waiting list for our senior sites are generally taken on a continuous basis, although it may at times become necessary to suspend the process and close the list should the number of applicants waiting to be serviced become unreasonable. We have six different sites, with a total of 415 units. There is only one waiting list maintained for one-bedroom units and one waiting list maintained for efficiency units. When your name reaches the top of the selected list, you will be offered the next available unit in that category, regardless of the site at which it is located. Refusal of the unit offered to you without good cause will result in the removal of your name from our waiting list. Examples of “good cause” reasons to refuse a unit are listed in the WHA Admissions and Continued Occupancy Plan (ACOP) and can be made available to any applicant or member of the public.

Applications to be added to the waiting list for our family site are unfortunately only available during a very brief period of time, at infrequently scheduled dates, since availability is much more limited as we have only one site consisting of 150 units.

It is often a number of years between dates that the family site waiting list is open to accept applications. A legal notice is posted in the newspaper specifying when applications will be distributed. We utilize a lottery system when accepting applications in order to allow everyone an equal opportunity to place an application on file, but at the same time, limiting the actual number of applicants added to the waiting list and attempt to maintain realistic wait times for families.

Applicant’s placement on both the senior and family waiting list is determined first and foremost by the cumulative number of preference points that the applicant family is eligible for.

The WHA has four (4) preference categories, with residency being equal to 5 preference points, while the other three (3) categories carry a weight of only one (1) preference point each.

You are eligible to receive the residency preference if you currently live in, work in, or have the promise of employment within Woodbridge Township. Woodbridge Township includes Woodbridge, Avenel, Colonia, Iselin, Hopelawn, Fords, Port Reading, Keasbey, Seawaren, and Menlo Park Terrace.

The other categories that will afford you a preference point are: Working Family, which means the head of household or spouse is employed at least 21 hours per week, or is elderly (62 and older), or permanently disabled. Veteran, which means that either you or your spouse served in the U.S. military. You must present a DD214 as documentation to receive said preference. Homeless, which is granted to families able to document that they are in fact homeless.

After being housed in one of our units, participants are obligated to abide by the lease and all program requirements, including the obligation to re-certify their family income and composition with the WHA during each year of their residency.
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