Woodbridge Housing Authority
Housing Fraud and Fraud Prevention
Fraud Recovery Hotline: 732-634-2750 x118
Confidential Fax: 732-726-0321
Confidential Email: TBD
All calls, faxes, emails and letters may be made anonymously.
Or Mail your fraud report to: Woodbridge Housing Authority
                                                Fraud Recovery
                                                20 Bunns Lane
                                                Woodbridge, NJ 07095
Types of Fraud and What You can do do Help
Under-reporting Income
The BOC and the Management of the Woodbridge Housing Authority are committed to eliminating fraud and recovering resources lost by fraudulent activity by residents, clients and landlords. Fraud is a crime which diverts scarce resources away from the neediest of our clients. If anyone has information that may lead to the founding of fraudulent activity, please do not hesitate to contact us by one of the following ways:
HUD conservatively estimates that hundreds of millions of dollars are paid each year on behalf of tenants who falsify their eligibility in order to gain a larger assistance payment. By letting us know that one of our tenants are under-reporting their income, you are helping to ensure that the integrity of the housing assistance program remains intact, and that a tenant is receiving their fair share of assistance.
Unauthorized Live-Ins
People who live in the unit who are not on the lease are unauthorized live-ins. People living in a unit who are not on the lease are not reporting their income to the authority and have not undergone a criminal history check as all persons over the age of 18 are required to do. By reporting an unauthorized person living in one of our units, or with one of our Section 8 voucher holders, you are again ensuring the increased integrity of the assistance program.