2024 Bidding Opportunities


Please click on any link below to view or print the Request for Bid or Proposal:

Please direct all questions in writing to CS@WoodbridgeHousingAuthority.org

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:11-23, all potential bidders must be notified of any addenda issued no later than seven days prior to the bid due date.

Bidders who have downloaded specifications are responsible to check this website again at least seven days prior to the bid open date for addenda, if any, which have been issued. Notice of addenda issued is also publicly advertised no later than seven days prior to the bid open date.

The WHA is not responsible if bidders who download bid documents from this website submit incomplete bids because they are not aware of addenda issued. Bidders are encouraged to check back often for addenda.

In order to ensure bidders receive all addenda, it is recommended that bidders send notice (with proof of receipt) to the email below that they have downloaded a bid document and wish to be notified of addenda.