Helpful Links

Senior Resources

  • Great Schools – The Department of Housing and Urban Development has partnered with Great Schools, a national non-profit educational resource for parents, to provide their free web-based tool,, to parents who live in public housing or who receive rental assistance. Click on the ‘Great Schools’ link for more information.
  • My Social Security-Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are significant sources of income for retirees and people with disabilities. When applying for a mortgage, public, private or subsidized housing, applicants generally must provide proof of income as part of their application. For people who receive a monthly Social Security or SSI benefit, ‘my Social Security’, a secure, online service, is the fastest way to obtain a Benefit Verification or Proof of Income letter. With ‘my Social Security’ people who receive benefits can easily view, print, or save an official letter that includes proof of their benefit amount and type, Medicare start date and withholding amount and/or age. Create your free ‘my Social Security’ account today!
  • COVID-19 Financial Fraud Prevention The coronavirus pandemic has found a way to affect our lives in almost every imaginable way. But one often overlooked area is in the realm of financial scams. Unfortunately, some fraudsters have taken advantage of vulnerable people during these times in order to benefit themselves financially. Here you’ll find a well-researched and comprehensive resource that sheds light on all of the major types of coronavirus financial scams facing the public.