Meeting Dates

Board of Commissioners Meeting Dates

The Board of Commissioners usually meets the first Monday of every month (except for summer months) to discuss various issues and review, approve or disapprove all business of the Woodbridge Housing Authority. All sessions are public sessions (except for select closed session hours) and are dated as follows for the period of November 1, 2020, through October 31, 2021:
Day Date Location Agenda
Monday 10/30/23 VIRTUAL Agenda
Monday 11/13/23 CANCELLED
Monday 12/11/23 Olsen Towers – 555 New Brunswick, Fords, NJ Agenda
Monday 1/8/24 Finn Towers – 19 Martin Terrace, Woodbridge, NJ Agenda
Monday 2/12/24 Red Oak Manor – 300 Old Road, Port Reading, NJ Agenda
Monday 3/11/24 Adams Towers – 555 Rahway Ave., Woodbridge, NJ Agenda
Monday 4/8/24 Cooper Towers – 1422 Oak Tree Rd., Iselin, NJ Agenda
Monday 5/13/24 Grenier Towers – 460 Inman Ave., Colonia, NJ Agenda
Monday 6/10/24 VIRTUAL Agenda
Monday 9/9/24 Finn Towers – 19 Martin Terrace, Woodbridge, NJ
Wednesday 10/16/24 Red Oak, 300 Old Road, Port Reading, NJ
Authority Legal Counsel: Breslin & Breslin Authority Fee Accountant: Giampaolo & Associates Resolution # 3276-Annual Notice of Regular Meetings – 11/23 through 10/24 Regular Meetings shall commence at 6:30 PM prevailing time.  The Annual Reorganization Meeting for October 16, 2024 shall also be held at 6:30 PM and followed immediately by the regularly scheduled meeting. Agenda Sessions, Work Sessions, Special Meetings and Emergency Meetings of the Board will be scheduled at the call of the Chair at a date, time and place to be determined by the Chair. Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 10:4-8D, this Annual Notice shall be disseminated within seven days of the Annual Reorganization Meeting. It shall be posted at Town Hall, the Administration office, each Senior Tower and published in the Authority newsletter. The Home News Tribune will also be provided with a copy of this notice.